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Proceeds from the sale of the SANGKARA Token ($MISA) will be used for business development and acquisition of various fixed assets, so that the $MISA hedge becomes stronger and more stable. The initial plan after the Pre ICO was to establish/buy an Indonesian Exchanger, which this Exchanger will specifically sell stable local tokens.
Apart from Exchangers, MSA will continue its traditional business in the plantation sector. With many Fixed assets under MSA will keep the value of $MISA stable. The plantations that will continue to be developed are planting Teak for long-term investment, planting Cloves for medium-term investment, and Planting Cassava for short-term cleaning. In addition, of course, maintaining a local specialty, namely Pineapple Honey Pemalang, which tastes really good and is well known.


تخصيص الرمز


will be left in the Public with a loose composition of 25% PRE ICO and 25% ICO


  • Founders10%
  • Stake Holders 20%
  • Developer20%

The remaining 50% of Tokens will be retained by the developer, not sold to the public with the distribution within the developer as follows: 10% of tokens are held by the Founders 20% of tokens are held by stake holders (subsidiaries) The remaining 20% of tokens is held by the developer himself

تخصيص الميزانية

We will use budget from Pre IEO and IEO for this


of the proceeds from the PRE ICO and ICO will be allocated for the acquisition of Fixed Assets as Investment Hedging


of the funds from the PRE ICO and ICO proceeds will be allocated for the development of existing businesses such as Conventional Business, Digital Business, Start-up Business and Digital-based MSMEs


The remaining 20% of the Fund Allocation from the PRE ICO and ICO proceeds will be used by the Company's Liquidity as operational costs, research, and other activities needed for the progress of MSA