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Budi Santoso

Pastry Chef

This pastry chef work for almost 12 years in USA, then He opened pastry store at Tegal City, and make many delicious pastry and creative cake work. Now he started to share his creative work through NFT

Rival Himran


Bassist from Reggae band Steven and Coconut treez and CEO From Bataya Hall agree to make his Private Photo become one of our NFT.



She graduated from University of Jakarta, faculty of Art Education. Not just a painter YF Nata also commit in celibate life with Fransiskan Order. She write a Poet book at 2008 (Love is not Sins) and Novel at 2010 (My Student My teacher). She already done many Exhibition in Indonesia, start from 1987 untill Now.

Jane Maria

She born on 2017, and her parents start to take some of her picture and make many cute photo and Video. Now Jane Parents try to sell this through the NFT